Hi, I'm Richard

Data analyst & storyteller.

I specialise in business intelligence, visualisation, analytics, data mining and SQL wrangling. Which is a wordy way of saying I deliver insights from numbers.

Here's where I write about things I'm allowed to.

19th December - I noticed the London neighbourhoods of my childhood are getting a lot taller. Here's a look at the data behind London's new found love of apartment living

25th Nov - How we helped Wessex Water respond to sewage incidents

19th Nov - An idle play with Kepler.gl blew up and caught Government attention

22nd Oct - I won a hack! My work from the BreATHe hack day, and Bath's proposed clean air zone

25th Sep - I created a hyperlocal house price index for over 2,000 postcodes

28th Aug - Need to group UK postcodes by region? It's stickier than it looks, so here's a lookup

24th Jul - A mathematical view on screamy house price stories

12th Jun - If you were wondering "stay or leave", where would you go? A fun ramble through Europe's housing markets

7th Jun - This free video tool puts you in just the right mindset for high impact data presentation

16th May - Finding the gold in an awful PDF from the Spanish notaries

29th Apr - A sideways view of voter apathy in the UK

16th Mar - How a ranked bar chart changes Spanish property statistics for the better