Say hello to Propdex

A hyperlocal house price index

25th September 2018

Propdex is an itch I've been wanting to scratch for a while: Untangling housing facts for every postcode in the land - free of jargon and paywalls and analyst speak.

We just got our first attempt over the line. The first Propdex report is out next week and you can now sign up for early access. It'll arrive as a downloadable, but no doubt a live and fully searchable website will follow in the not too distant future.


Propdex is a free monthly report on sales and house prices in the nation's favourite postcodes

Propdex is the result of analysis of just over 24 million housing transactions and some hat tips are much deserved:

First up, to my pal and co-author Matt Powlson with whom I collaborate at SPP Research. The data engineering was a challenge, but getting the maths right was much harder and his gift with numbers proved invaluable. He's a great teacher, and never tires when the day gets long.

Second up, a nod to the open data movement. Housing data is publicly available and heavily used by the industry - but rarely released to the public without obstruction or obfuscation. It seems right to give something back, so we're releasing under a creative commons license.

A big final note: Propdex is open with its methodology and comes with source data for those who want to use it in onward research. Having read a lot of property reports over the years, I'm ever surprised at how little the established analysts say about the methods behind their conclusions.

We're determined not to do that. Bring facts, or go home.

I'll post more as it's released. Cross fingers somebody finds it useful 😃