Propdex is now on Tableau Public

3rd April 2019

This is long overdue, but I finally got around to building a public dashboard for the Propdex postcode index we put together last year.

Tableau may still be my first choice analysis tool, but its dashboarding capability still takes more effort than feels right for such a powerful product. Getting this thing to play well at various screen sizes wasn't easy.

Thankfully it got a great reaction, clocking up over a 1,000 users on its first day!

You can now go nose around sales prices in over 2,000 neighbourhoods at

Propdex State of the Market report

Propdex has been on a wonderful journey since we put it together last year.

It got a boat load of press chatter when we launched it and now has a loyal following of several hundred estate agents and property professionals. It also has several more thousand curious members of the public (at least as far as I can tell from the distribution list) who receive the release each month to check local house prices.

The data is available under a Creative Commons license which seems to have given the project a life of its own. We regularly see it pop up in property chatter and miscellaneous research pieces on bricks and mortar with no involvement on our side.

We built it, and they came.

A mild note of surprise is the audience demographic (via Google Analytics):

Propdex audience demographics

If Propdex is any guide at all, millenials didn't give up on the housing dream yet.